Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ever wonder why some animals eat their young? Can you say ... "Sarah Palin"? Election circus aside, she's a breed that should never reproduce or consider running for anything but a kegger contest in the Arctic. Unfortunately, there's more where she came from -- thanks to inbreeding, infomercials, and cowboy bars. It's called Nebraska.

Back to reality. Bedlam Heights is a strange, new world filled with chromosome-deficient creatures who prove why peace escapes greater mankind. Oh yeah. Ol' Battleaxe? That bitch'll be real glad to rip you a new one while downing a fifth of Jack Daniels. 

Tips & Wraps Broad can't live without her precious nail decals and noxious fumes. Monsignor Perv? His affinity for hardcore sex toys is its own category of "sin." Not to mention his very un-Christian-like desire to rid the planet of Scientology. Lord knows he hates those "sacrilegious douchebags." Do we smell coup with Christ's name on it?

So chill with some coffee, smokes, weed, whatever (we really don't give a rat's ass) while Super Skank, Guidette, Gothutante and the gang provide commentary on everyday life like none other. As they say, "Go on, it's only ringworm ... touch it!" Dickheads.